Aragon Smart Contract Audits

In August 2020, Aragon engaged Coinspect to perform a series of third-party source code reviews of the smart contracts that comprise their Protocol.

Following are descriptions of the scope for several of those reviews:

  1. Aragon Protocol is a dispute resolution protocol. It handles subjective disputes that cannot be solved purely by smart contracts. Aragon Protocol relies on guardians that need to stake tokens to the Protocol in order to be drafted for voting on disputes, and this allows them to earn a share of the collected payments.
  2. The ANTv2 contract is a new lightweight token intended to replace ANT. In addition to ERC-20, the ANTv2 token supports ERC-2612, ERC-3009, minting (with a minting role) and burning. It is modeled after Uniswap’s UNI-LP with minimal changes. The repository includes also two contracts for migration of ANTv1 to ANTv2: ANTv2Migrator and EscrowANTv2Migrator.
  3. The ANTv2MultiMinter contract, after being set as the minter of the ANTv2 contract, allows for different contracts to mint ANT. This is necessary to allow contracts that will automatically mint ANT (for example contracts for the ANJ merge conversion like the new ANJNoLockMinter) as well as allowing for future arbitrary or automatic minting by the Aragon Network DAO.
  4. The ANJNoLockMinter contract is intended to be added as minter in the ANTv2MultiMinter contract and implements functions for minting ANT in exchange for burning ANJ at a 0.015 ANT per ANJ as approved by ANT holders.

Continue reading Coinspect’s Aragon Smart Contract Audit blogpost to learn more about how Aragon works and the details of the security issues identified.



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