Tempus Smart Contract Audit

Tempus Smart Contract Audit

In September 2021, Tempus engaged Coinspect to perform a third-party source code review of the smart contracts that comprise ther on-chain derivatives marketplace.

No high-risk vulnerabilities that would result in stolen users funds were identified. However, one medium-risk issue (high impact, but low likelihood) was reported that could impact user funds if current security assumptions change in the future. Another medium-risk issue was reported related to the power the pool owners possess to update fees without constraints and that could be abused to harm users if the account were compromised.

Continue reading Coinspect’s Tempus Smart Contract Audit report to learn more about how the system works and the details of the security issues identified.




Security for a Decentralized World

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Coinspect Security

Coinspect Security

Security for a Decentralized World

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